black and white prom dresses

"When administrators asked the girls to remove their braids, Mya and Deanna refused.

The next day, Colleen and Aaron Cook came to the school where, they say, they were told the girls' hair needed to be "fixed." The Cooks refused, telling administrators that there was nothing wrong with the hairstyle.

As punishment, the girls were removed from their extracurricular activities, barred from prom and threatened with suspension if they did not change their hair."

This was one of those reads where you want to be really shocked but you understand how racism works. White students are allowed to dye their hair until it falls out of their head but Black students that install hair extensions are seen as a *distraction*. And on top of that Black girls are twice as likely to be suspended from school than their white peers.

I have experienced times where I am asked to go change my clothes because I was exposing too much, but watch as the white girls were allowed to wear the same exact outfit with no protest. I was even told one time while attending Regent University that crop tops were banned, conviently after I started wearing them and posting photos to social media. The white students, however, could wear want they want with no consequence, crop tops included. black and white prom dresses

How Black girls bodies are policed in the education system is very real and damaging. Whiteness will do what it can to continue to find ANYTHING to keep our girls from access and resources.

When Black Hair Violates The Dress Code For wearing their hair in braids, two teenagers were threatened with suspension at their charter school. Similar incidents show that strict dress codes can punish students for their racial