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I think everyone is struggling without y'all right now. Coming up on 2 years just doesn't seem real. It feels like yesterday. I remember being 13 years old and being invited on all the dates y'all made. Sometimes randy would get frustrated but courtney would say, "that's my sister, she's a princess and she's going with us." Sometimes I'd see a different movie by myself to give y'all alone time. I remember being 15 and getting my permit. You would let me drive your mustang and when I turned 16, you took me to get my license. I remember when you moved out and you and Randy got your first apartment. We used to sit and play uno for hours and played avalanche one time. I remember you daring randy to pick up cat poop out of the litter box and put it in his mouth and he was jokingly going to make you think he did it but accidentally dropped it in his mouth and we died laughing. I remember when y'all moved to those apartments off of Clemson rd. You loved your little one bedroom apartment. When I was 19, you upgraded to a two bedroom and I moved in. I remember getting picked up for dates and you wanting to approve before I left. I remember every Halloween that we carved pumpkins together. I came home one night and y'all put a huge scary zombie in my bathroom and I screamed when I pulled the shower curtain while y'all were in the living room laughing at me. I remember you being so stern with me about my life decisions and it shaped me into who I am today. I remember before my 21st you asked me if I wanted to go to Disney world or vegas. I chose Disney world and thought y'all were joking but you took me. I remember when I introduced you to matt. You told me he was the one and you were right. Matt and Randy became friends from day 1. I remember you telling randy to "kiss him goodnight" because it was late and you were ready for us to leave so you could go to bed but they wouldn't stop talking. I remember calling you to tell you I was engaged and asking you to be my maid of honor. I was yours and you were mine. You were so happy that you pretty much planned my entire wedding. I remember you taking me to try on dress after dress until we found the one. I remember when y'all got your house. I went to the bank with you to fill out the paperwork, and you were both so excited. My entire life had you two involved in it. I remember our last dinner together was totally unplanned. Me and matt went to D's wings and you two must've had the same idea because we ran into each other. Randy snuck up and sat beside me and put his arm around me to freak me out and it worked. That was our last dinner together. I remember our last conversation. You and Randy were out and I called you. We got off the phone and you said "I'll talk to you later, love you stanks" I said I love you too and that was it. Lastly, I remember the day you were taken from me and my family. I remember getting a phone call to come to moms house. I got in my car and drove as fast as I could. Cassie was driving beside me and we didn't stop. Just rolled down the window to ask what was going on but we both had no idea our lives were about to change forever. I remember pulling in the driveway and your car wasn't there so I knew something was wrong. I remember watching my mom sob as she tried to tell us the news. I hit my knees and the lump in my throat still hasn't gone away. As we come up on two years I realize that it will never get easier. The pain we all live with every single day will never subside. It makes my bones ache to know that our families have a life sentence while the man who caused your deaths has 60 days. I will never forget y'all or what you did for me. Y'all are loved and missed every.single.day. disney princess wedding dresses
"If I could hold back the rain,
Would you numb the pain?
Cause I remember everything"