empire wedding dresses

I had a sad few minutes yesterday. I went up to our storage shed and found a container had taken a topple to the outside and had become wet. From the condition that everything was in, it had been wet for sometime. I don't know how it got to this storage place but it did. When I saw what was inside, my heart sank. Inside was my wedding dress. It was just a simple dress, homemade by my sister. A white satin empire waist with straight skirt and an overlay on the top wit ... h lace bell sleeves. A white lace train was attached. It was beautiful for the era. Also were the "plastic" white lilies and lily of the valley that I had carried as my bouquet on top of a white bible {Bible safe in the house}, the flower basket, my garter and the ring pillow. Also in the container was Ronnie's Kahki Army uniform, his hat and his blue braid. There was a shirt that I had worn when I was in 10th grade on shirttale day. This was when I went to Grand Prairie High and it was a tradition to wear a big white shirt and get everyone you could to sign it. Lots of old friends names were on it. A pair of my Dad's overalls, the dress my Mom wore on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, my Dad's dress hat that he wore out, one of Stacy's DZ shirts from college, a shirt from when Tracy was at Fort Benning, and my FFA sweetheart jacket that I got when I was elected sweetheart my Senior year at Murfreesboro. There was also my Mom's Red Cross uniform that she wore when she was a volunteer in a hospital where we lived in Texas. Just material things, things that meant a lot to me that I thought I had stored safely. I wanted to cry but then I thought of all the things that we lost when our house burned and all the things that the people in Houston and soon to be Florida had and will loose. I dried my tears in a hurry and realized that the pictures and memories of these things are in my mind. I won't be taking them with me when I leave this world and most likely no one else would have wanted them. Yes, they will be throw away and it will be hard but it will not affect any part of my life now. I will probably think of them now and then and feel a tinge of hurt because I know they are gone just like every now and then I remember something that we lost in the fire and have a sad moment. I sympathize with all who have or will loose a piece of precious keepsakes from their past. It is hard but again, it is just material things. empire wedding dresses

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