evening gowns

Sunday September 10, 2017
2:22 pm.

As I learn to understand my reality, I see how my experiences change me. I felt it when went my heart went cold, as one woman got mad, and tainted my pretty daydream. Yet, still, In a world full of masks. I chose to be me. I chose to forget who I was and just give me. I learned so much about myself, in this year of 2017. I'm a odd case of judge no one and forgive everybody, even if they cant see me. I learned what my condition is, som ... e call me crazy, I see it as Complex Simplicity. I was able to reveal one big fact about me, I write far better than I speak. So it's very easy to get confused by me. I'm not your favorite flavor, or a tasty gullible treat. I'm slightly sour, and slightly sweet. And although its seems I'm green, i see and hear so many different things. I understand exactly where I became weak. You see I lost myself, this past week and I started eating meat. I began to hold my tongue, and lash out emotionally. And instead of praising, I whispered prayers to the most high, and fell into a dark twisted fantasy. I fought battles, that were not mine. Which left me angry and in weeps. And left old traumas and predators behind, holding hands with defeat. I'm finally able to accept that I am a particular type of beast. I like my water hot, and I get life from solar heat. I listen to strange music, shit with deep hypnotic beats. I frolic with under valued warriors, who seem just like me. I get high off of creating things, while smoking weed to keep my sanity. And although it may hurt, Its way okay if I'm not what you need. Learning to let go, was one of the greatest habits born into me. As I accept that I maybe far to raw for you, especially if sushi is not what you eat. I see what gets them crazy, yet try and stick around with me. Its that beneath this gown lie waters, very slick and very deep. I'm offensive when I speak my mind And I sound like I'm roaring. With joy and I pain its okay to retreat. I'm grateful to know that I have the power to be me, and I accept, that in world full of masks, I may not be seen. evening gowns

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