floral bridesmaid dresses

Clearing more as I find more.

Another one from my mending pile. Was going to chop this and use as an underskirt for my Outlaw dresses...

Obviously a vintage child's confirmation dress. Would be good for a photoshoot, dress up, or with a bit of work as a bridesmaid's dress.

OODLES of floofy underskirts. Lovely details with the buttons on the back and the tiered embroidery. Puffed sleeves which are structured from the inside.

24" waist
28" armpit to armpit
49" length

Some marks here are there, I like to hope someone was taken for ice crea, after her confirmation. If you're a whizz with ribbon and small floral embellishments, these could be easily covered up if they don't shift with a spot clean. floral bridesmaid dresses

10 + 4 GBP signed for post in the UK, more to send elsewhere.

Thank you!