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I'm fairly certain this is what they call "GLOWING" it definitely was not my face that caught my attention...four months ago I would have never believed it if someone told me my red, dry, itchy and blotchy skin would look like this!! That my huge swollen glands/lumps in both my armpits for the last 25+ years would disappear, the painful bumps and rash on both my arms would go away, or I wouldn't take a single over the counter medication or only one pill for my MS Muscle Spasms in FOUR house is now 100% free of commercial cleaning products!!! red prom dresses 2019

The national Institute of occupational safety and health studied 2983 ingredients in our products at home - and found 884 toxic ingredients. 314 of them caused biological mutations. 218 caused reproductive problems. 778 were toxic to the human body. 146 they knew caused cancer tumors - but were allowed in the United States even though they were banned in other countries around the world. Many of these chemicals are allowed in common cleaning supplies in the US - things under your cabinets right now.