short black dresses

Super long sappy post warning:

How does this happen?? Where does the time go? Our path started almost right at this very spot. I walked this track at home games sporting a pregnant belly under my Red Pepper sweater my Senior year. The principal at the time and now your Superintendent walked me to each of my classes in the snow, sleet, and ice to make sure I was safe! I was told I ruined my life, and lots of whispers behind my back. Some friends weren't allowed to hang out w ... ith me anymore because you know teenage pregnancy is contagious and my decisions might rub off on them!

I went to school everyday, I led a super busy Senior year balancing school, social life, and you! Thankfully your Grandma Gini stood beside me the entire time and made sure I didn't miss any of the traditional senior year happenings or any events in your life! I went to dances, I decorated, I went on Senior trip, but most importantly I walked with my class and received my diploma while she bounced you in the back row and told everyone who doubted me that she told them I would succeed!

I didn't ruin my life with you, you made my life worth living! You were my reason to succeed and my reason to push and do more than anyone thought a teenage mom was capable of. I cheered loud and proud but never once thought that the Sikeston Boy song I sang while standing in those stands I would sing again loud and proud while you were on the field. I stood and sang the Red & Black while you kicked around inside of me but, it never meant as much to me as it did the first time I saw you dress and heard that song play! short black dresses

We didn't do this alone me and you! We had a whole tribe pushing us and making us better!! I couldn't tag everyone if I tried!! But, you know who you are! The next year I will continue to be emotional but this boy!

To each of our tribe this boy is all of our success story without everyone's love and support we wouldn't be the two people you see in this picture! We love each of you and we want each of you to be proud of the decisions we have made and the life we have made! I say we because I wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for him!

Drew you will forever be my baby boy! Every time I look at you I see the baby boy that I thought was going to make his appearance in the front seat of your grandmas expedition! I see the boy who would argue with me that the polos he would wear were fine with the athletic shorts! I see my strength & my weakness all wrapped up in you!!

Have a great rest of your junior year, but slow down just a little if you don't mind! I want to remember every bit of your Senior year and watch as you take the same walk as so many Bulldogs before you! You make me proud!

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