short wedding dresses with sleeves

I know it was the way my mother was raised, and I know times have changed, but my Mom's "Sunday Best" was always a conservative dress. And, it had to come from Rich's Department Store. It buttoned down the front because she couldn't manage a zipper in the back and it was belted. It was perfect if it had a matching jacket. Whether it was Sunday church service, a wedding or a funeral, wearing her "Best" was a must for her. As I was just noticing today's fashions on a tv sh short wedding dresses with sleeves ... ow, for some reason I thought of my Mom and wondered if she were alive today, where would she find a dress suitable for her liking. I can't help but laugh as I picture her in my mind shopping for a new dress and finding nothing but a short, tight pencil skirt and a slit in the dress sleeve from the shoulder to the wrist. She would have been horrified at the thought of anything like that and would have just stayed home.

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