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So, I just came back from the worst - absolutely worst - shopping trip EVER! At the bus stop waiting in the blazing heat for the #16 which was supposed to be imminent, I engaged in small talk with one of the locals, a street ehem .. "salesman" with a tote bag full of wares - books, CD's, jewellery and whatnot. He is probably late 60s, was dressed rather dapperly wearing a Panama hat and white suit. I thought he would be a rather benign character, but what started with silly flirting on his part, came to trying to hug me, offering me jewellery, and asking for a date. He said, "I'm usually after the younger ones, but you're a nice looking mature lady, and I think we should do something tonight, as he waved a shiny necklace in my face." Absolutely not, I said.

The bus was running late, but finally it arrived. I have to say that a young fellow meanwhile had distracted the asshole and pulled him aside so he wouldn't keep bothering me. I ran to catch the bus while others at the stop yelled, "It's full to the brim. Another one's right behind. Wait for it!" But, dumb me. I chose the sardine can of sweaty uncomfortable customers who were complaining about the driver who was a fellow of about in his mid-30s of surly attitude, for sure. An elderly turbaned Sikh gentleman offered me his seat, which was sweet of him, and I said I would be okay standing holding on to the overhead straps. At one point he approached the driver to ask directions in broken English, and the driver was extremely rude to him. Real nasty. The beleaguered Sikh gentleman returned to his seat without receiving or understanding what the driver had told him. At that point I asked a female customer if she could ring the bell for the next stop for me, as I wasn't within reaching distance. She kindly did that, but it did not go without notice by her and the nearby passengers, that the driver was not going to stop for me. I approached him as he was driving, and I said, "You missed my stop". "Yep", he said. "Why did you do that," I asked. He replied "I forgot, I guess." I asked him if he was going to let me off at the next stop which was 3 blocks uphill. "Of course, I am. I know what I'm doing. I know where the *&)* stop is! Now get out of my space so I can see where I'm going." As I exited the bus, I glared at him and said. "Thank. You." He glared back and said, "yeah". sweet 16 dresses

So, I've just finished filling a long incident form and emailed it off to Vancouver Transit recounting the driver's behaviour not just with me, but with the other passengers. I told Transit that I don't need to hear back from them unless they want/need further details.

I think I'll have a cold beer.