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This post is NOT a movie review, but a review of people watching it. Watched # LipstickUnderMyBurkha last night with my sister Tanushree Prasad . Please note we went to PVR Lower Parel, a multiplex in an upmarket shopping mall, safe to say the crowd was "decent".

The movie is about sexually repressed women of different age groups in Bhopal and if you have been paying attention to all the noise around it, has explicit scene. Oh by the by, there were at least two children in the theatre!

Anyway, the row behind us had the most expensive seats in the theatre with reclining chairs occupied by 4-5 couples (age 35-40 it looked like) who came together. All well dressed...Branded stuff...Classy diamonds.

It started with giggles at every explicit scene. Then two women decided to loudly discuss the "character" of these women. The men were making lewd comments and giving each other high fives, their wives sitting next to them laughed.

Ratna Pathak's beautiful portrayal of a 50+ widow who reads Hindi equivalent of 'Mills and Boon' and has desires evoked responses like "budhiya ko dekho, jawaani chha gayi hai", "budhiya abb swimsuit pehenegi" ...Budhiya this and Budhiya that. "Budhiya" has no right to be human. "Budhiya" can't have feelings.

I have seen seniors, men and women, being judged and made fun of if they are looking for a partner. I have seen people making fun of old people for even dancing in wedding baraats! I have always felt that Mumbai is a better place for seniors than most other towns because it lets them have fun and be themselves without being judged. But clearly the well to do and seemingly educated people sitting behind us had some serious issues with the "Budhiya" who wanted to live a little. wedding dresses for kids

She was not the only laughable character for them, the woman who faced marital rape was also funny, so was the college kid in burqa who dreamt of becoming Miley Cyrus. The young heroine trapped between boyfriend and fiance was of course the "item"!

The confrontation scene of these characters was met with comments like "pakdi gayi Na!" and some more mockery as if they were thieves!

They continued making snide comments and laughing. Our "shhhs" and dirty looks only gave them cheap thrills. Mind you, others in the theatre were also laughing at some scenes which were rather sensitive...Things people do to hide there discomfort when faced with reality, I guess. Aren't these the "educated" people who make a noise about censor board being regressive?

We can't respect our women. We can't let our senior people be human. And God forbid if you are a woman with grey hair and desires in your heart!

After the movie, when the lights were turned on, my sister and I got up and turned around to see what do these people talking trash looked like. They looked like us!