white flower girl dresses

We are Loved.
Bruce and I made it to our 40th anniversary on Sunday, September 3rd. We came back up the hill from a boat ride mid-afternoon. Gorgeous day to be on the lake with out of town guests and our kids, and our two little grand-girls. Windblown but happy, we climb the stairs to the kitchen. I first see a cake. Then my daughter with a camera, then a banner, and a kitchen table filled with wonderfully presented food of all kinds, and white flowers. We turn the corner to ... see the family room full of all sorts of friends and family! Whaaaaaaat?!!!
Our hearts were filled with such gratitude that so many would think enough of us to gather together in celebration. Our grown kids are amazing, and Beth contacted all sort of friends and family, asking for video. Son Chris compiled all of those clips that came in over many weeks! Beth made a banner and blew up old wedding pics to the size of posters! She made much of the food. Chris and Christine brought the two-tiered cake and libations, Matt was so helpful and did so much! Friends Maria and Mike helped with gold plates, napkins and cups, and more. Friend and neighbor Gaye came down to help Beth and Maria and Matt pull it all together in a very short time, all while we lazed away on the boat ride! Friends from far away, and neighbors from just down the street all came together to raise a glass and bear witness to our married longevity! The kids and the grands all dressed in yellow and dark green, because those were our wedding colors! Beth added Babies Breath to the flowers because I had the same in mine. The thought that went into the day was astounding. white flower girl dresses
We were gobsmacked and absolutely surprised and filled with joy. Thank you is not enough. I wish I could express how deeply this act of kindness touched me, and us. We are so lucky. Blessed. Thankful.

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